Best Express Car Wash in Stockton & Sacramento Area

Bubba’s Express Car Wash takes only 3 minutes! Every wash includes the use of free vacuums to complete your car wash experience. Join one of our money saving Unlimited car wash Plans to make protecting your car’s finish and increasing it’s resale value with regular washing fast and convenient!

Stockton, CA

Citrus Heights, CA

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Bubba’s Express
Car Wash Features

Free Vacuums with every wash

30 free vacuums are yours to use to with every wash!

Express Tunnel

Bubba’s state-of-the-art car wash takes only 3 minutes!

environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly process uses less water & soap!

Unlimited Membership

Money saving Unlimited Wash Plans to protect your car!

License Plate Recognition available

License plate recognition let’s you wash and go fast!

Car Prep Offered with every wash

Gentle bug-prep on every vehicle for the best shine!

Unlimited Car Washes

No contracts, no restrictions, no kidding! No, seriously, as low $21.99 per month, members can wash their cars every day! Yes, really! You’re probably wondering where the small print is but there is no catch. Join our Unlimited Wash Club today!

Why Get the Unlimited Club?

  • Wash as often as you would like
  • Hassle free cancellation
  • Prices Starting at Just $21.99 per Month!
  • Free Vacuum Use
  • Best Protection with the FUSION Process

Why Choose Us?

  • We prep your car with every Wash
  • Fast Car Wash done in as little as 3 Minutes
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • You’ll get the highest quality car wash in California
  • We are a friendly, helpful and professional group of people dedicated in providing the best experience
  • Affordable car wash services

Our Wash Process

Step 1 Prep Car


We Prep Every Car

Bubba’s professional staff makes sure even the most difficult to clean areas are spotless by hand-prepping every car.

Step 2 Drive up


Select Your Wash

Drive up to our digital menu screen to select the wash with the level of protection and shine you need. Join our Unlimited Wash club with license plate recognition for fast entry every time!

Step 3 Enter Tunnel


Clean & Green Car Wash Tunnel

Bubba’s Car Wash is committed to protecting the environment. We take pride in being environmentally friendly by conserving and recycling our water. In addition to recycling our water, we only use water based chemicals that are biodegradable. 

Step 4 Enjoy the Light Show


Light Show

Once your wheels are riding the conveyor, let Bubba’s Tunnel do the hard work! So sit back and enjoy the colorful show while your car is being washed. Your kids will love it!

Free Vacuum Use


Free Vacuums

Bubba’s Express Car Wash offers high-powered, self-service vacuums that are free to use after your car has been washed. The vacuums are fast and easy to use. Always a great value!

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Bubba's Wash Menu
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