About Bubba’s Express Car Wash

At Bubba’s Express Car Wash our management and team members go above and beyond for each and every customer’s expectations. We are extremely passionate about not only delivering an immaculate car, but making sure you’re happy with the overall car wash experience.

Our car wash operates on the express model, offering customers exterior-only speedy car washing which takes approximately 3 minutes to clean and dry. We also offer the use of high-performance vacuums free of charge to all customers. 

Bubba’s conveyorized car wash system utilizes a combination of high quality soft cloth, superior chemistry, and high pressurized water. Our industry-leading equipment and environmentally friendly cleaners give your vehicle the cleaning that it deserves.

Give your car the attention to detail of a hand wash, with the low price, speed and convenience of an automated wash.

Bubba's Car Wash building
Bubba's Car Wash Tunnel and Mascot
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